Frequently asked questions

Do you take custom commissions?

I do not take commissions at the moment. I sometimes do trades with other customizers or if I'm looking for a certain doll.

What does "1st time buyer" mean?

1st time buyer means that you do not own a Tiina doll or have not owned one in the past.  New or second hand.

Failure to comply with the sale terms will result in a prompt refund minus 10% amount from the original price of the doll.  If it is not your first offense you may be banned from further purchases from my shop. So please make sure that you read the rules carefully!

Do you re-customize your old dolls?

Not anymore. No exceptions. I am also not responsible for any damage that you may have caused to your doll's make up. Play carefully!

How do I know when a doll is going to be for sale?

Best way to keep track of me is through my Instagram. This is where I am most active and I always announce there when a doll is going to be for sale.

Do you accept layaway?

Most of the time I will need to be paid straight away. If I accept layaway it will be mentioned in the sales post.

I will require a 10% non refundable deposit and a detailed payment plan.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, I do! I use DHL trackable service. Shipping time usually depends on how fast the parcel clears the customs in your country. DHL delivery is safe and fast and should arrive within a week wherever you are located.

Can you send the doll marked as a "gift"?

Unfortunately no. I will only send your doll marked as "merchandise" and declared for the actual value. This is why you need to check from your country's customs if you need to pay import fees. The fees vary country by country.

My shop is in Norway.  Norway is not in the EU.

How do I track my order?

You can track your parcel here!

How often do you ship?

I will usually need up to 5 days for shipping.


The shop currency is currently set on Norwegian kronor. You can find up to date rates online!

How do I contact you?

Best way to contact me is through email. There is also a contact form on this site! I try to answer every email. But you can find the answers to most questions here in Q & A.

I don't answer Facebook or Instagram messages about sales.  I also do not give away information about products before they are listed.

My email is


On few occasions my store has allowed two persons to purchase the same doll at the same time. Only a few seconds apart. According to Wix support this is a problem that can not be fixed. It is very unfortunate.
On both occasions I have checked who was the first to make the purchase and refunded the other person. This is the only thing I can do until they fix this problem somehow.
My deepest apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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