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Veena is available for everyone! Please read all information before purchase!


  • Base doll Silver Snow (SBL mold)
  • Hair from Blackberry Bush. Washed and cut shorter.
  • Obitsu 24 version 2 body. Comes with extra hands. Neck has been fixed to carry blythe head weight. Does not tilt but turns.
  • All new chips. Two pairs of realistic Puppelina eyechips, one hand painted and one Brainworm.
  • Lid art and new lashes. No sleep eyes.
  • Resin ears. Original ears removed.
  • Sealed with satin finish Humbrol spray.



  • One of the ears reveals a small part of the original Blythe piercing. The ear slipped and I used super glue so that was it. A point of no return. (see last photo)
  • There is a warzone under her scalp. SBLs are not easy to open. I have sawed off a piece of the dome to fit an RBL scalp I didn't use in the end. This is all hidden of course. (see last photo)
  • Scalp edge is not the same colours as her skin.
  • Body is not 100% the same colour as her face.


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