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Soleil is the older sister of the two witch girls. The pair are the first custom Blythes for 2019 and they are available for everyone!

Please make sure to read all information before buying and read my Q&A section for shipping and customs policies!


  • Base doll is an unknown SBL Blythe.
  • She has two pairs of Puppelina chips and two hand painted.
  • Will travel in a dress by Maison Daisy and a red cape by Miss Blythe.
  • Lid art and sleep eyes.
  • Re root by Katherine Hardin
  • Glossy lips.
  • Sealed with Humbrol satin finish spray.




  • For some unknown reason SBL eyes tend to look downwards right after you change the colour so you need to push the gaze back up with your finger.

  • The colour of the scalp edge is not 100% the same as her skin. There is also a large gap behind in the very middle. Please ask for photos if you wish to see it. It's like the scalp was bigger in diameter than her head. Also had to saw a piece off from her high dome to fit the scalp. So the very top of her head is soft.


Soleil is sold "as is". I will not make any changes.

Please allow up to 5 days for shipping.

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