Selena the vampire

kr 25 000,00Price

Selena is only available to those who have not bought (or traded) a doll from me this year! If there is no interest within 24h she will become available for everyone.


  • Base doll Cappuccino Chat (RBL mold)
  • Hair from Precocious Candy's Mushroom. Washed, treated and trimmed.
  • Licca body.
  • Two pairs of realistic Puppelina Chips, one original green pair and one set of self made "bokeh" chips.
  • Lid art but no sleep eyes. New lashes.
  • Open mouth with teeth and vampire fangs inside. Glossy lips.
  • Sprakly freckles.
  • Sealed with semi glossy MSC spray.
  • Will travel dressed. Sweater and hat in photos is not included!



  • One pair of chips will need an extra push with finger to hear the final "click"-sound.
  • Since the scalp is from an SBL mold Blythe it is not 100% perfect on her. Tiny gap behind.


Doll is sold "as is". I will not make any changes.

Please allow up to 5 days for shipping.

Read through my shipping and customs policies in the Q&A section of my store.

Thank you!

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