kr 2 000,00Price

Please read all information carefully before buying! Including my Q&A section for shipping and customs policies! Please also notice that she will be shipped next year!


  • Base doll unknown SBL mold Blythe. Was in bait condition.
  • Is wearing a Monique wig on top of a "shaved" scalp. I have brushed the wig and trimmed it from the back. It is fun to style and stays on well without any glue.
  • Licca body. Will travel dressed. Clothes in photos not included.
  • Two pairs of realistic Puppelina chips and two pairs hand painted.
  • Sleep eyes and lid art. New lashes.
  • Glued on ears. The design is not mine. Permanent earrings where the original Blythe piercings used to be.
  • Sealed with satin finish Humbrol spray.



  • Since the ears have been sawed off there is some marks on the backplate that I have sanded down and they are not too visible.

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