kr 2 100,00Price

Plum is only available to those who do not own /or owned a recent girl made by me (made in 2016-2017).


Failure to comply with these terms will result in a prompt refund minus 10% amount from the original price of the doll.  If it is not your first offense you may be banned from further purchases from my shop.


Plum information:

  • Base doll Bohemian Beats Again (EBL mold)
  • Scalp from Blythe Adores Anna (Anna Sui collab doll). Hair has been treated and bangs cut shorter to show the brows.
  • 2 pairs of Puppelina eyechips, 1 pair handpainted and one original pink.
  • Painted lids but no sleep eyes.
  • New lashes
  • Licca body in natural colour
  • Will come dressed in the outfit in the photos
  • Open mouth with teeth



  • Scalp colour does not match the colour of her skin (covered with bangs). Scalp is from an RBL+ doll so the fit is not 100%
  • One pair of chips gets a bit stuck sometimes. Needs a little adjusting with finger.



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