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Peapod is available to those who have not bought a doll from me this year (2017). If you've bought a new doll by me second hand you can buy her.


Failure to comply with the sale terms will result in a prompt refund minus 10% amount from the original price of the doll.  If it is not your first offense you may be banned from further purchases from my shop.


Peapod info:


  • Peapod was inspired by a girl from Heeda stickers set. (see pic)
  • Base doll Lounging Lovely Blythe (SBL). Bought second hand.
  • Body is the new Obitsu in normal skin and medium breast. I have reinforced the neck so that it is not as wobbly. I have blushed her knees.
  • Four new pairs of chips, 2 Puppelina, 1 handpainted and one Coolcat.
  • Lid art and sleep eyes. New lashes.
  • Open mouth with teeth and tongue.
  • Will travel with all the clothes and shoes in photos.
  • Hair washed and treated and cut to a cute bob. Also curled it a bit.




  • The body is a bit wobbly under the weight of a heavy Blythe head.
  • The blushed knees are not perfect. They will get scratches pretty easily I think. With gentle play they will be fine.


No trades or layaway.

Doll is sold as is. I will not change her body, hair or chips.

Make sure you read my store policies about shipping and customs.

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