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First time buyers only!

Please do not buy if you own (or have owned in the past) a doll by me!


Nutella information:

  • Base doll Pineapple Princess. The first translucent tan Blythe. RBL renew mold.
  • Hair from Cherie Babette. Cropped to a short bob. Washed and treated.
  • Two pairs of realistic Puppelina eyechips and two pairs handpainted.
  • Lid art and sleep eyes.
  • Teeth and open mouth.
  • Glossy lips.
  • Sealed with satin finish spray for a natural glow.
  • Tan fake Licca body.
  • Will travel with Pineapple Princess stock. Dress in photos not included.



  • Since hair is from a pale Blythe the colour match is off. Covered with hair.
  • The body is stiffer than regular Licca. You can bend the arms and legs but not as easily as legit Licca. Also the legs are quite loose from the hips. I've added small rubber bands in the seams to make them less floppy.
  • One pair of eyes needs a little push to change.


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