kr 1 800,00Price

Nata is available only for 1st time buyers! This means that you DO NOT OWN  or have EVER owned a Tiina custom doll. New or second hand. If after 24h there is no buyer she will become available for everyone!
Breaking the rule will result in refund minus 10% of the sale price.


  • Base doll Blythe Night Flower (SBL mold)
  • Hair from Pretty Peony (RBL mold). Washed, treated and cropped shorter.
  • One pair of special Blythe stock chips, one pair Coolcat and two pairs of realistic Puppelina chips.
  • Lid art and sleep eyes. Blue lashes.
  • Open mouth with teeth inside.
  • Pale Licca body. Will travel dressed. Items in photos NOT included.
  • Sprayed with Humbrol satin finish spray.



  • It was a difficult opening and a small piece of plastic has cracked from the top of the face plate on each side (see last photo).
  • Stress marks on back plate (see last photo).
  • Small gap between plates and scalp.
  • Small stain on one wrist.


The doll will be sold "as is". I will not add or remove anything.


No trades or layaway at this time.


Please read Q&A section carefully for customs and shipping policies. I will not declare for a low value but am willing to send to a friend in different country. Please contact me about this after purchase.  This will be at your own risk.

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