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Luna is an MSD sized ball jointed doll. Read all information below carefully.


  • Body is a legit Fairyland MNF Moe line with large breast. One set of magnetic hands. I have the paperwork and the box. I have removed the unique MNF neck piece but will include that if you want to change her head.
  • Her head is a Doll in Mind Benetia. I do not have the paperwork for the head. But as far as I know DiM BJDs have not been re casted so it is a legit head.
  • Both the body and head came to me second hand.
  • The body had a very strong blushing and tattoos that I have removed to the best of my ability. There is still some colour left between her boobies and toes. I have not given her new body blushing except on the hands (see photo!)
  • She also had a face up that I carefully removed and gave her a new one.
  • She has vampire teeth. I have modified the mouth quite a bit.
  • She has a blonde fake mohair wig by Monique. I have trimmed the bangs. I will leave on the braids and the ribbon. They can be removed.
  • She will come with the pair of golden glass eyes in pics.
  • She will come with the full lace outfit by Kalcia (Etsy). Please notice that the head needs to be removed to put on the shirt! No shoes.
  • She has no lashes. She would benefit from a pair of white lashes (which I do not have).
  • She stands around 40cm tall.



  • Please notice that her head and body are not a 100% match because they come from different companies. The head "wobbles" a bit and could use sueding or a silicon washer. She is very tightly strung so it does stay put but if you tilt it, it might sort of pop to the side easily.
  • Like mentioned above I am not the first owner so the body has some colour from previous owner. No yellowing or stains or cracks.
  • The magnets on her back are quite visible through the resin which is a company flaw that I've seen on other MNFs.


Please feel free to ask any questions. I am not a pro on ball jointed dolls but will try to answer to the best of my knowledge.


Before buying please make sure you read my shop policies about shipping and customs in the Q&A section.

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