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Lulu is available for everyone!



  • Base doll Cinnamon Girl (EBL mold).
  • Tan Licca body.
  • Hair is from Bohemian Beats with added highlights.
  • Lid art but no sleep eyes.
  • Original orange chips and three pairs of realistic Puppelina eye chips.
  • Brown lashes.
  • Sealed with satin finish spray.



  • Sometimes the eyes need a little push to turn.
  • The scalp is from a pale Blythe so the colour match is off. Small gap in the back between back plate and scalp.
  • Some stress marks in her back plate. They sometimes appear when you apply pressure to open the head.


Important! She was soaked in a swimming pool and the Mediterranean while I was on vacation. I made her for myself to be played with on that trip. I have since taken her apart and cleaned every piece with soapy water. I have added extra layer of spray on top. Also her hair has been washed again. The eyechips seemed to be perfectly fine so I did not change them.

If something strange happens to her make up or her eye chips fall off and you had nothing to do with it I will fix the problem with no extra charge. It is very unlikely that anything will happen but since I haven't soaked my dolls in the sea before I want to give you a guarantee.



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