kr 30 500,00Price

This is Kielo and she is only available to those who have not bought a doll from me in 2019 (or traded!) If you have bought a Tiina Blythe 2nd hand from someone else, you can still adopt Kielo.

Notice that the price is in NOK. You can find up to date currency details online.



  • Base doll Nostalgic Pop
  • Body is a modded Obitsu 22cm. With the neck/torso area supported. The feet parts are made slightly smaller to fit Blythe shoes better.
  • Two pairs of Puppelina eye chips, One pair Catmo Doll and one original special colour.
  • Lid art but no sleep eyes. New lashes.
  • Open mouth with teeth inside. Glossy lips.
  • Sealed with MSC semi glossy finish.
  • Will travel dressed but the outfits in the photos are not included.



  • The modded feet are not super pretty. But they'll be hidden in shoes.


Please allow up to 5 days for shipping.

Please read throught the store Q&A before purchase.

Thank you!

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