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Jerry is the first doll I'm selling from my new home country, Norway. This is sort of a test run to see how smoothly everything operates.
Please notice that I am now outside EU, so if you are buying from EU countries you might have to pay import fees.
I am going to use DHL for shipping from now on so the shipping price will change in the future. I will see how much it will be once I've sent my first doll. But for now you pay only what you see.
Please also notice that the price is in USD. That might change to NOK in the future.
Anyways, here is the info for Jerry:


  • Base doll unknown EBL Blythe.
  • I assume the scalp is a cropped Disco Boogie.
  • Licca body (naked).
  • No sleep eyes. New lashes. Gold leaf lids.
  • 2 pairs of Puppelina chips, one unknown pair and original pinks.
  • Slightly open mouth. No teeth. Glossed lips.
  • Ears. Permanently glued on. No piercings. Not my design.
  • Sealed with semi glossy MSC.



  • Scalp is not perfect fit.
  • Some markings from saw on the back plate where I hacked off the original ears.


All my dolls are sold "as is".

Shipping and customs policies can be found on my Q&A section.

Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!



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