Ghost Girl

kr 2 200,00Price

Do not buy if you have bought (or traded) a doll from me this year. Or if you have bought a new Tiina doll second hand this year! Please read all information before you buy her!



  • Base doll Le Jardin de Maman (pale RBL). Bought second hand.
  • Hair from new Check it out. Washed and trimmed.
  • Two pairs of Puppelina chips, one hand painted and one original special pair.
  • Lid art, no sleep eyes. New lashes.
  • Open mouth and teeth. Glossy lips.
  • Semi glossy finish.
  • Pale Licca body. Travels with the outfit in photos.


Will be sold as is. I do not remove or add anything.

Please make sure you've read my Q&A section for customs and shipping policies.


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