Commission slot for January 2018

kr 750,00Price

This is a commission slot for January 2018. Only available for those who have never owned a Tiina custom before. Read all information carefully!!! I have SO many rules!


  • January 2018 means that I will finish your doll before the end of January 2018. I might do it earlier but that is my deadline.
  • You will provide the base doll. But I only accept certain molds!!! I will only work on RBL or EBL. RBL will allow deeper carving.
  • NO SBL, FBL, RBL+ or RBL renew, BL or Kenner. Absolutely no translucent girls! Or fakes! Please check with me if you don't know which mold your doll is. Cherie Babette is out of the question! And so is Pineapple princess! Don't even try ;)
  • Do not send me an expensive base doll or a doll with sentimental value!
  • You will provide a different body if you don't like the Takara one.
  • You will provide special chips if you wish me to change them.
  • I will provide lashes and pullcharms. Unless you want something special.
  • I am happy to cut and style the hair. I don't know how to re root. So you'll provide the hair.
  • I will not re create any previous customs of mine. I am also not able to carve the way I did years ago. So the carving will be done the way I do it now.
  • You can tell me if you wish for a happy, neutral or grumpy girl.
  • You can tell me if you want teeth or eyebrows.
  • No theme dolls! (existing characters like the little girl from Despicable Me or Elsa from Frozen!)
  • The less intructions you give me the better the result - trust me!
  • You will let me work in peace. No emails requesting updates or WIP photos. I know it is a lot to ask to trust an expensive doll into the hands of a stranger but I can't work under pressure. So if this is not cool with you don't buy this commission. I usually post WIP photos online anyways ;) I am also known to be a fast worker so once I get the mojo I am unstoppable.
  • There will be a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not pleased with your doll you will be refunded the price of your base doll and the price of the commission. This means of course that the doll stayes with me. So please do not send me a doll that has sentimental value! Once you have accepted the custom and the doll is sent out to you the guarantee ends.


This commission will follow my usual shipping and customs policy. Please read Q&A section for more information.

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