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  • Base doll Blythe Precocious Candy's Mushroom. (SBL mold)
  • Re root by Katherine Hardin.
  • Licca body.
  • Original ears sawed off and replaced with resin ears. The design is not mine. I have however re shaped the ears a bit and given her several piercings. Wear dangling earrings at your own risk! The ears are glued on permanently.
  • Open mouth with teeth inside. Pierced lower lip. The ring is permanent. Cannot be removed.
  • Lid art but no sleep eyes. New lashes.
  • Two pairs of Puppelina eye chips and two hand painted. One pair is an experimental painted chips on several layers of UV resin. I have no idea how well the chips will stay on or if they can be removed.
  • Will travel dressed. However the clothes in photos are only props and not included!
  • Mint green eyeliner.
  • Sealed with Humbrol satin finish spray.




  • Some markings on the back plate where the original ears used to be.
  • The scalp edge and faceplates are different shade. There is also a small gap behind between the plate and scalp.
  • Neck is slightly wobbly.
  • Eyes occasionally need a little push to change. Not every time.


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