kr 1 800,00Price

Bluebell is only available for first time buyers. 1st time buyer means that you do not own a Tiina doll or have not owned one in the past. New or second hand. ​

Failure to comply with the sale terms will result in a prompt refund minus 10% amount from the original price of the doll. If it is not your first offense you may be banned from further purchases from my shop.


Bluebell info:

  • Base doll Simply Sparkly Spark (FBL mold).
  • Pale Licca body with tilt-neck.
  • Blue lashes.
  • No sleep eyes.
  • Hair trimmed and treated.
  • Two pairs of realistic Puppelina chips, one pair handpainted and one original special colour.
  • Satin finish


Please notice that I won't be able to ship her before next Monday! I'm away on a trip.

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