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Ava is a custom Little Cho Doll. You can find information about Little Cho dolls from their website http://littlechodoll.com/ The creator of Little Cho Doll was kind enough to sell me a blank head so that I can try to give her a face up.


Ava's new make up by me. Her head is made of resin and she has a 25cm mature (large boobies) Obitsu body.

She will come with the eyes and wig you see in the photos. Obitsu body also comes with a few pairs of extra hands.

Her head opens the same way as a BJD head and you will be able to change her eyes or position them some other way.

She will travel dressed but none of the clothes in the photos are included. She can wear Blythe clothes. But please notice that she is taller so dresses and trousers might be too short. You can however change her body to a smaller Obitsu.

Her head dome did not come with magnets but it stays put with the wig/wig cap.


Please read my Q&A section for shipping and customs policies.

Please allow 3-5 days for shipping.

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